JP041 Alto Saxophone Ex Demo Stock

$895.00 $745.00

Brand John Packer


The JP041 Eb Alto Saxophone combines good performance with durability and good value for money and is a favourite within the UK education market. An ideal starter instrument, The JP041 is free blowing and capable of playing all musical styles from Classical to Jazz with a full mellow sound. It is capable of great dynamic expression throughout the registers, coping well in both band and solo situations where the need to project is greater. This instrument enables players to achieve good tonal and dynamic characteristics and features a high quality construction.    

The JP041 Eb Saxophone benefits from a range of professional features normally associated with more expensive instruments. A fully ribbed construction and double spine on B & C keys provides strength, durability and extra resonance whilst an underslung 8ve mechanism improves reliability. The instrument also features High F# and Front F keys and an adjustable thumb rest for increased comfort. Ensuring players do not 'outgrow' the instrument quickly, a floating plate design for little finger (left hand) cluster aids faster movement once players have become proficient.


Our Take:

"John Packer JP041 series alto sax. High quality instrument at an amazing price for the advancing beginner. Great back-up horn for the gigging road warrior. Slap an upgraded mouthpiece on this and really see and hear what this horn can do. Case, stock mouthpiece and strap included. High F# Double bracing on low C & B Underslung neck. Gazebo approved"!


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