JP175 Flugel Horn by John Packer, 6” bell


Brand John Packer

    The JP175 is a durable Bb Flugel Horn with a good level of performance. Suitable for both beginners and step-up students alike, the JP175 features a number of high quality components helping players achieve a warm and rounded sound. The instrument feels at home on a variety of stages including traditional brass bands, as part of a jazz ensemble or also for flugel solo's in orchestral work. A rose brass leadpipe and 3rd valve trigger enable players to achieve a high level of performance whilst an attractive price tags enables students to benefit from.

    The JP175 Bb Flugel Horn is constructed from yellow brass throughout with the inclusion of a rose brass leadpipe. A 6" bell enables good projection of sound whilst bottom sprung monel valves and 3 waterkeys ensure easy maintenance and a a smooth and free action. A notable feature of the JP175 is the inclusion of a 3rd valve trigger, something usually reserved for instrument many times it's price. This increases the accuracy of the tuning and give student experience with triggers.

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