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JP181 MKII Oboe C Silver Plated Keys


Brand John Packer

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The JP181 C Oboe, available both as a dual system model and also in a Conservatoire configuration, is a highly popular and well performing full system C Oboe capable of taking novice players to the top of their ability. Featuring a high level of specification for a student model, the JP181 comes highly recommended by Max Spiers of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia. Having personally tested the instrument, Max said "the triumph of these instruments is that they really ring. The natural sound of them encourages a warm tone and the scale is even and smooth. They slur all the awkward intervals effortlessly and feel nicely stable."

The JP181 and JP181C feature good quality white leather padding and a strong, well designed keywork. Both variants include an adjustable thumb rest as standard and sivler plated plateau key throughout. Constructed from ebonite, the JP181 & JP181C are lightweight, durable and require less maintenance compared to wooden models.

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