Yamaha Valve Oil


Brand Yamaha Music Ltd

Yamaha now offers a new and improved line of high-quality valve oils. The latest Yamaha lubricants include the new synthetic Superior Valve Oil, available in Light, Regular and Vintage viscosity.

Developed for musicians seeking the highest quality lubricants, the three different viscosities of superior valve oils meet the needs of a variety of piston valve clearances and provide greater stability in varying temperatures and environments. Light Oil is ideal for instruments with a tight piston clearance and music styles demanding fast valve action; Regular Oil is intended for instruments with regular piston clearance and players of all levels; and Vintage Oil works best on instruments with a large piston clearance, such as low brass and vintage instruments.

Yamaha Superior Oils contain ten times the corrosion-inhibiting properties of its predecessors and feature longer-lasting performance and protection. Results from extensive laboratory testing show that Yamaha Superior Oils outperformed the competition in pushing force, lower evaporation rate and anti-corrosion properties.