Tuned In To Quality

Gazebo Music Inc is a service oriented musical instrument company specializing in the repair and restoration of brass and woodwind instruments. First formed in 1997 in a basement workshop in Toronto, the Gazebo Music repair studio is now located in Pickering, operating a fully equipped service-workshop catering to all levels of repair and restoration work from minor adjustments to complex and advanced overhauls.

With over 35 years working in the industry we provide our customers with that brand of expertise only obtained from years of experience. We have worked with large instrument manufacturers, community orchestras, school boards, private customers and everything in-between to become the trusted source for instrument repairs, rentals and sales.

All of our new and pre-owned instruments are road-tested and fully inspected by the Gazebo Team of technicians for that added value and confidence.


Gazebo Music - Garry Lamb (Owner)

As you can see in the photo below, Garry likes to stand around making himself look really important. Not that he is afraid of hard work; Far from it. He does this to rest his weary mind and limbs from all the repairing he usually does. Garry’s musical instrument experience started way back in Edinburgh in the mid-eighties when he embarked upon a journey that would take him to another continent – back to Scotland – onward to Canada – to another part of Europe – before finally planting roots in Canada for good. Along the road, he has worked for the largest music companies in Canada, collaborated with some of Toronto’s finest musicians, attended numerous instrument repair conferences (yes, they do have them), taught in Norway, managed repair departments, conducted repair workshops, became a sought after free-lance technician all before forming Gazebo Music Inc in its present setting.

Garry specializes in saxophone overhauls but is well-versed in all manners of woodwind and brass repair. He endeavours to take his work to the highest level and challenges the status quo in his profession everyday. Garry's main responsibilities when he isn't scoring tremendous goals on the football field, is building long lasting relationships with the Gazebo customers and continuing to spread the influence of the Gazebo Music brand. 

With his 3 years college training in Scotland and a continual education process with other organizations in Canada, his experience has paid huge dividends with the creation of Gazebo Music. Garry exhibits a determination and belief that there should be a music company that provides a quality experience for its customers with exceptional service. He possesses a dedication to the craft rare in today’s heavy retail oriented world. 

But that’s not all. Did you know that Garry was almost picked to represent his country in the World cup? Or so he tells me. As Scotland have never qualified for the tournament in over 20 years, I'm sure the rumour is just that. But he was blessed with perhaps now eroding natural football skills. Alas clearly in decline, he still maintains his value to the squad as an injury-prone, sluggish centre forward with no finish whatsoever. He can be seen displaying his over-rated talents most Friday nights in the summer with any team that will have him. For the music lovers looking for the best in over the top entertainment, Garry plays a mean lead guitar with Moebius Stripper. This 6-piece ensemble is guilty of terrorizing audiences throughout the G.T.A. You have been warned.


Garry seen missing yet another golden opportunity for his country (circa 1924)