How much will it cost to repair my trumpet? A great question. Wish we could give you an exact total right away, but we do offer free estimates and usually give a few pricing options for the customer.

 How often should I have my horn tuned up? We like to see instruments at least once a year for a maintenance check-over. It can save money in the long run and will keep your horn in excellent condition as well as retain the instruments value.

 I'm a hard working music teacher. Do you offer free estimates, pick-up and delivery? Yes

 I need some guidance on maintaining and cleaning my saxophone. Can you help? Absolutely. We have some great maintenance and accessories we can recommend for all instruments. We can offer some really useful tips on how to keep your horn playing great.

I've heard you do on the spot repairs. I'm gigging tonight - any chance you can help me at short notice?  We strive to offer 'While-u-Wait' repair work whenever possible. Usually we can get you up and running again with our flexible schedule.

Is it true you once played football for Scotland? They did offer me a contract ... but I was busy that weekend.