Winter Tune-up

Another chance for you to book your appointment for the ever popular Winter Tune-up promo.

With the departure of our way too short Canadian summer it’s time for you to take advantage of the Gazebo Music, "I can’t believe what a great deal this is event". This annual not to be missed only available for a short period you’d be crazy to miss it service, has been very successful and we would now like to welcome new bookings for the 2020/21 season. The objective with this promotion is to encourage the start of a  repair maintenance program designed to keep your instrument in excellent shape with the advantage of regular treatment.

Woodwind Tune-ups

  • All missing or worn key corks and felts replaced - All leaking pads cleaned and re-seated - Frozen or sluggish keys freed and straightened - Adjust and regulate throughout​ - Oil key-work and full play test.

Alto Sax, Soprano Saxophone ~ $65, Tenor Saxophone ~ $80, Baritone Saxophone ~ $120 Clarinet/Flute ~ $50/55, ​Bass Clarinet/Oboe ~ $80/$100

​​All other woodwinds ~ Please contact us for estimate

Brass Tune-ups

  • All worn water-key corks and valve felts replaced - All frozen slides freed and aligned - New Ultrasonic cleaning procedure to remove calcium and scale build up - Oil and Lubricate throughout and full play test.

Cornet/Trumpet/Trombone ~ $50/60, Baritone/Euphonium ~ $75, French Horn ~ $75 Double French Horn/Tuba ~ $100/120

​​All other brass ~ Please contact us for estimate


Whenever possible, we offer a unique 'while u wait' service for those customers that just can't do without their instruments. If you have a sudden or emergency repair conflict, we can help. Rental instruments are also available.

Customers are invited to book an appointment, or contact us to arrange scheduling.