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 "Thanks for the work on the clarinet. I got it back on Friday and played it for the first time yesterday. Wow!! It was almost effortless playing notes over the break and overall the instrument has a much better tone to it. I was playing in a small group of about 16 and the director noticed a difference. Thanks again!"

"Can't tell you how much I appreciate your fantastic work. I had no idea my Super Dynaction could be this great to play. I can't put it down! Thanks so much for the great job."

"Gazebo have done excellent work for our school going above and beyond in terms of repairing our instruments. They came out to our school two days before our big concert and spent the afternoon fine-tuning our instruments. Now that's what I call service!"

"Thank you so much for hosting the clinic after school today. I am so glad our band teachers were there for the learning and to tap into your expertise. I am amazed by your knowledge!"

"I've got to say I LOVE what you guys did on the King Master cornet. I played it for hours yesterday, and I am extremely happy."

"Amazing. I picked up my flute just over a week ago and immediately felt how well it played. After I picked it up I went to a flute choir rehearsal and played it which is a really good testing environment for it. I was so pleased with how I sounded in comparison to my flute friends. Of course I’ve been playing it all week with other groups/lessons etc. and have noticed lots of improvements. The tuning is so much more stable. The mechanisms are so easy and smooth. I don’t have to “fight” it to get certain notes. I noticed a change with the tone…much sweeter tone. It had a nice tone before but part of it was me and how I worked to get it…I don’t have to work so hard to get it …and it’s better than before.  It is possibly even better then when I bought it.  Thank you for doing such a great job on my flute. I love my “new” flute"."

"I recently bought an old King Cleveland 615 Tenor Sax (302xxx) from a small local retailer. I finally decided to take it to Gazebo Music in Pickering and am pleased with the results. Garry Lamb paid fine attention to detail on this overhaul/re-pad. Leveling the tone holes/key-cups, replaced all pads, felts, springs, and corks. I knew overhauling a tenor wasn't going to be cheap, pads alone were probably over $150. I am glad I left it in the hands of a professional yet personable service. I doubt this horn has ever played this good. It now plays very consistent throughout its range, be it soft like a lamb or loud like a King!"

"I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the sectional today. It is totally above and beyond the call of duty!...another great workshop at Gazebo."

"Garry did an excellent job at overhauling my saxophone. Not only is he technically proficient, his communication was excellent. He made every effort to investigate what I wanted from my instrument, and very patiently explained technical information so that I was able to make the most informed decision."

"I interrupted a phys ed class to tell the student that the 'sax was back'. He dropped the ball and ran to the music room! I guess that says it all. I really appreciate the extra time and personal attention you put into our program."

"Garry is responsible and dedicated to high quality work on every project he undertakes. He's also great to hang around with and does a pretty good Scottish accent."

"Excellent work my cheque in the mail? Gazebo: "Yes"."

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