The Estimating Process

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All job descriptions mentioned on the 'Repair Solutions' section represent the most common repair choices and styles of service and should only be used as a general guide when establishing the correct course of action for your instrument. Many instruments require less work than the MINOR ALIGNMENT, or more than the COMPLETE OVERHAUL suggests.

All costs and repair discussions are far better achieved during the initial appraisal. We always suggest a brief consultation about the instrument and its service record and will base our recommended estimate on this and the players relevant requests.

If the instrument is relatively new and lightly played, chances are that the G.P.O will suffice. An instrument regularly played, or a decent used horn that has not seen the technician for a few years will more than likely need a MAJOR ALIGNMENT. Consider an ADVANCED SERVICE, greater than the major alignment if the instrument has had no attention or has perhaps received some structural damage. This type of repair could be the answer for some instruments before the inevitable overhaul. Next up the chain is the COMPLETE MECHANICAL OVERHAUL. These instruments have usually been nowhere near the repair shop and may have been the unwilling recipient of a traumatic experience. Many vintage saxophones and neglected brass instruments fall into this category along with those horns heavily played. We will nearly always advise the complete overhaul for the professional level instruments in this category. Some advanced discussion should take place with student level instruments that require this type of work to balance repair cost against instrument potential.

All repair categories may vary in pricing depending on make and model of instrument. For singular repair requests, please call or email and request miscellaneous pricing options. Special requests for upgraded pads or missing parts will influence the repair appraisal - Horrendous and severe structural abnormalities could add hundreds to the estimate, or make the project futile.

As technicians, we thrive on the challenge of helping you and your instrument excel. Choosing the precise procedure is critical to this success. Whether your slightly malfunctioning clarinet that may only need that loose tenon cork replaced, or you’ve just picked up that bargain vintage horn, we can select the appropriate service for your situation effectively and professionally. All instruments are covered by a 12 month guarantee when overhauled and a 3 month guarantee when put into good playing order. (G.P.O)