Servicing Your Instrument

Qualified Technicians with years of experience make us the easy choice for the repair and maintenance needs for your musical instrument or band program.

Simple or common repairs can be dealt with quickly and effectively to get you on the road and playing again with ease. Regular maintenance will keep instruments playing at their highest level and can prevent that potentially expensive repair.

Let us resurrect that damaged or neglected horn or suggest a viable alternative. Your older instrument languishing in the basement but still with character and potential can be refurbished and brought back to its former glory. With our modern repair techniques, expertise and quality supplies, we can enhance that vintage horns prospects and value. Restoring your sentimental favourite, or bargain basement pick-up is our speciality.

It's What We Do:

Our goal is to find and follow through on the best option for our customers, teachers and their individual requirements. From mechanical overhauls and re-pads to minor alignments and tune ups, we have the right strategy for every situation. 

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Play Conditions

A service (G.P.O) includes a light cleaning - pad, key cork/felt and spring replacement as necessary. Leaks are cured, pads are re-seated and the instrument is lubricated & regulated to good playing order.

Major Alignment

A Major Alignment includes a partial dis-assembly and cosmetic cleaning – accessible minor dents removed. Pads, key corks/felts are replaced as necessary – twisted keys/slides are straightened and aligned The instrument is lubricated & regulated to good playing condition.

Complete Overhauls

A complete overhaul includes a full strip down, dis-assembly & thorough cleaning. All pads, key corks/felts and tenon corks are replaced - accessible minor dents removed – all key-work and slide distortions are straightened and corrected The Instrument is lubricated and precision adjusted to advanced standards.


Why We Do It:

We believe a well-maintained musical instrument is a happy instrument. Regular maintenance treatments promote stability, offset expensive repairs and prolong the life and value of your instrument:

Chemical Cleaning

Brass instruments should be thoroughly flushed to remove calcium and scale build up resulting in weak performance and to mitigate red-rot and eventual metal failure. Tarnish build up is common on silver plated instruments. Bring back the lustre with our silver dip/polish treatments.

Dent Removal

Brass instruments and saxophones can suffer structural damage resulting in reduced performance, or complete malfunction.

Solder Work

Instrument bracing and soldered assembly parts loosen and corrode over time.

Slide Alignment

Misaligned trombone slide tubes result in uneven wear producing sluggish, or defective action.

Valve Work

Brass instrument valve action and port alignment is critical to instrument function and projection.

Pad Replacement

Woodwind pads deteriorate over time causing small to significant leaks effecting instrument projection and function.

Tone-Hole Levelling

Damaged or erratic tone holes can cause significant leaks and inconsistent pad wear on woodwinds.

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