Seasonal Tune up

Another chance for you to book your appointment for the ever popular Winter Tune-up promo. Think of it as the oil, lube and filter for your instrument. We will perform a basic maintenance service aimed specifically at rejuvenating your under performing brass or woodwind instrument. Book it now and take advantage of some great deals and upgrade your instrument.

Do Saxophones Bounce?

We had a rather disturbing phone call a few weeks back at Gazebo Music. Saxophone players can be a bit disturbed at the best of times, and we love them for that, but this one was troubled beyond the recognized and accepted level of turmoil we have come to treasure. A good friend and local musician had experienced the calamity of watching his pride and joy, in this case a Selmer MKVI alto sax, crash to the concrete outside the bar moments before his Thursday night gig and take on a curve like a Bobby Hull hockey stick.