It's all In The Family

It’s the challenge of the project that makes it appealing and the need to get creative with your approach. I think most people would want this in their day to day work. Keeps you honest. It helps when you have a story behind the scenes that can add another element to the endeavour  We recently refurbished an old Buescher Alto Sax from 1924. It had been lying dormant inside a plastic bag, half disassembled and riddled with mould and whatever someone had tried to ‘clean’ it with sometime during the Second World War; it might have been milk of magnesia.
May 15, 2013 by Garry Lamb

Do Saxophones Bounce?

We had a rather disturbing phone call a few weeks back at Gazebo Music. Saxophone players can be a bit disturbed at the best of times, and we love them for that, but this one was troubled beyond the recognized and accepted level of turmoil we have come to treasure. A good friend and local musician had experienced the calamity of watching his pride and joy, in this case a Selmer MKVI alto sax, crash to the concrete outside the bar moments before his Thursday night gig and take on a curve like a Bobby Hull hockey stick.